Chat bubbles - 🧡 Fix: Android 12 Chat Bubbles not working (2022)

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What is chat bubble in Android 11? Also Read - Meeting co-organiser Another feature coming to enables organisers to assign up to 10 people as a co-organiser.

  • Make sure the applications you want to use are updated to the latest versions available on the Play Store.

  • They can also be, well, boring, hidden away as little rectangles at the top of your screen and looking mostly the same.

  • The chat bubbles feature will begin rolling out in mid-July and it would become available for everyone by the end of the month.

Chat Bubble

The next thing you should do is ensure that Bubbles are enabled in System Settings.

  • Tap on the icon to see your conversations, as well as another prompt informing you that you can turn off this feature using "Manage.

  • Telegram, a popular messaging app does support this feature whereas Telegram X does not have this functionality yet.

  • Check the Android version Even if you are a Google Pixel mobile, you must have Android 11 to get the floating chat bubbles.