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knot to meter/second (kn to m/s)

The currency is sometimes informally referred to as the "Swedish crown" in English or the "couronne suédoise" in French.

  • Examples are GBX for penny sterling, USX for the US Cent, EUX for the Euro Cent.

  • Currency rates are updated each second when one or two of the currency are major ones.

  • The code MAF was formerly noted in ISO 4217, but was amended to MLF on 2007-06-18.

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Luxembourg convertible funds code LUF 442 2 1944 1999-01-01 EUR LUL 988.

  • Croatian kuna HRK to Swedish krona SEK currency exchange rates How many Croatian kuna is a Swedish krona? Current use: The knot is used worldwide in meteorology as well as in maritime and air navigation as a measure of speed of a vessel relative to the fluids in which they travel.

  • While in most cases the ISO code resembles an abbreviation of the currency's full name, this is not always the case, as currencies such as the and have been assigned codes which do not closely resemble abbreviations of the official currency names.

  • DOGE 4 EOS 4 ETH 18 ETH conflicts with ISO 4217, because ET stands for Ethiopia.