Fortnite chat support - 🧡 Fortnite: How To Voice Chat On The Nintendo Switch!

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How To Use Fortnite Voice Chat in 2022? (3 Easy Steps)

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7 Things Parents Need to Know About Fortnite

Where it lets you enjoy one another visually, it also helps in devising a strategy and winning more.

  • Hit the Xbox key on your controller.

  • Epic's partnerships with popular entities including , , , and mean that a constant stream of new characters, costumes, and other crave-worthy elements are frequently introduced to the game -- keeping players' interest up and their money coming in.

  • ON: Mature language in text chat will be filtered and replaced with heart symbols.

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You can choose from Everybody or In-Game friends.

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  • OFF: You will see the names of players that are not squad members.