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An English guide to Njuškalo (Croatia's Craigslist)

That did not work out.

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  • Statisti─Źki podaci iz 2010.

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┼áto se nacionalnosti inozemnih gostiju ti─Źe zna─Źajniji broj dolazaka i no─çenja ─Źine europski turisti iz Slovenije, Njema─Źke, Italije, Austrije, Poljske, Nizozemske, Francuske, Rusije, ─îe┼íke, Ma─Ĺarske i Slova─Źke, a u zadnje vrijeme se bilje┼żi zna─Źajan porast broja dolazaka turista iz Velike Britanije, Japana, Kine.

  • We had done lots of research, but once here, we realized we could not do this on our own.

  • The only reason why I have not rated the interaction 'Above and beyond expectations' is because my expectations were very high, due to the website being so complete and done so well, and to her colleague Teri being so professional while setting up the appointment.

  • Hello, The service provided by Sara from Expat and her team exceeded our expectations in every way.

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