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Meaning chat up “Chat up”

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Meaning chat up Chat (someone)

Meaning chat up chat up

chat up meaning

Meaning chat up what’s up

Meaning chat up chat up

Meaning chat up UP Chat

UP Chat Abbreviation Meaning

Meaning chat up chat up

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Meaning chat up Chat (someone)

Meaning chat up Chat (someone)

what’s up Meaning & Origin

In this example, the speaker means that he is excited to talk to them and to hear about their lives after not seeing them in person for some time.

  • You would not normally say that he is trying to chat up Rebecca unless you were trying to imply that you doubt he will be successful.

  • I would certainly primarily think of it as primarily being used to refer to heavy flirting with the objective of some sort of sexual or romantic outcome, but it can also be used to refer to attempts to butter someone up in an attempt to achieve some other objective, such as finding out some information that is difficult to obtain.

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