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Mantra erotic Eruption: Mind

Eruption: Mind Fuck Mantra

Mantra erotic Become completely

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Erotic Hypnosis Brainwashing Mantra

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Mantra erotic Become completely

Mantra erotic Erotic Mantra

Mantra erotic Mantra

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I woke up with the words ringing inside my mind.

  • Thank you for your support and have a good day.

  • A pop up video promising to hypnotize them to sleep deeply though interests you and you click on it.

  • I want to become your mindless and obedient toy! If you want a version with longer periods of breath holding please feel free to post a comment below asking for it.

Eruption: Mind Fuck Mantra

Femdom kink mantras in session and in private! And then I listened to it again, and trying to remember everything is very hazy.

  • In the end I hope to get a mindless and obedient toy for vive and that this journey makes me a better subject for files of vive and in general.

  • This is a level 1 training file, which gives you an additional option for trigger training.

  • There are instructions to masturbate, edge, and finally orgasm in this recording.