Gradiste ohrid sliki - 🧡 Too crowded, too noisy..

Ohrid sliki gradiste gradiste

Ohrid sliki gradiste Gradiste Restaurant

Ohrid sliki gradiste Proactive Youth

Ohrid sliki gradiste Too crowded,

Ohrid sliki gradiste Kamp prikolka


Ohrid sliki gradiste GALEB AD

Ohrid sliki gradiste Охрид, Македонија,

Ohrid sliki gradiste GRADISTE CAR

Ohrid sliki gradiste GRADISTE CAR

Ohrid sliki gradiste Соби

Proactive Youth


We planned to spend two nights in this camp, but left the very next morning.

  • The goal of organization is to provide participation of young people to international projects on European level.

  • Here, you can find a lot of used products, but also many new products and many different services.

  • The camp is huge, mostly occupied by locals who have built mini baracks, so the place looks like a refugee camp.

Too crowded, too noisy..

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  • The camp spots are ok.

  • Продажба и купување Викендици на Пазар3.

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