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Honestly speaking, when it comes to Apple customer support, I actually pictured folks working at a specific Apple training center of some kind not at home, and to top it off, you get your own PC.

  • Applicants are required to take and pass a typing test before getting hired.

  • These are just a few among.

  • In addition to chat and phone support, you might even have the opportunity to communicate through text messages or Facebook Messenger.

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Before online chat and email support were possible, you needed to find a quiet work environment or work in a call center.

  • At least one year of customer support experience is ideal.

  • Looking for More Non-Phone Jobs? This means you have more flexibility in the jobs you expect.

  • Whether you want to work a little or a lot, why not apply today? Here, you can get a Customer Support Specialist job and not have to be on the phone hardly at all.