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According to Family Guy, Makes You

The Dating Game

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According to Family Guy, Makes You

Family Guy S15E14

Meanwhile, Stewie befriends a fellow student named Chadley and enlists Brian to help impress him.

  • Quagmire is currently a widower, although this is little hindrance to Quagmire, who delights in having intercourse with more girls without having to worry about cheating.

  • Meanwhile, Stewie suffers from a sore back and finds he has scoliosis.

  • He may have decided to put the child up for adoption, but the episode still shows that he is an honest and loyal man who one day could be a great father.

The Dating Game (TV Episode 2017)

He was once arrested for peeping on Lois in the girls' bathroom in "".

  • Feeling like he was unable to raise her on his own, Quagmire puts the child up for adoption.

  • Knowing Peter, this will undoubtedly drive him crazy with anger.

  • Theme Song Quagmire has his own theme song, as seen in "" and "", although the theme song is only shown on the uncensored version of the latter episode.