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NØ UK High Speed CW Meteor Scatter Page.

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NØ UK High Speed CW Meteor Scatter Page.

EME on a Budget: Moonbounce for the Rest of Us

As the Moon traverses the sky to a point due south the Doppler approaches zero, and as the Moon continues westward the echos shift up to 300 Hertz lower in frequency at Moonset.

  • And for those who are not inclined to homebrew antennas, there are now some manufacturers of very high performance computer-optimized 6m antennas.

  • You will see by clicking on the diagram below that the lunar surface is anything, but flat with craters and depressions km deep and mountains too.

  • In the three decades since the first 50 MHz amateur moonbounce contact between the teams of Dick Allen W5SXD and Joe Muscanere WA5HNK - now W5HNK in Texas, and Connie Marshall K5WVX - now K5CM and Sam Whitley W5WAX - now K5SW in Oklahoma, the playing field has changed dramatically.

Welcome to 6m EME

Moreover, the JT65 decoders cope surprisingly well even when two signals overlap in frequency.

  • High Speed Meteor Scatter Scheduling aka page Joe Taylor, K1JT's, excellent high-speed meteor scatter and extreme weak-signal communications software.

  • A Rigblaster Plus interfaces the radio with the laptop.

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