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Hokusai, The Great Wave Rebel: How the Japanese Printmaker Shaped the Impressionist Movement in Europe

Hokusai began painting at the age of six, and by 18 he had been accepted into the Katsukawa Shunsho school, in which he specialized in wood-block prints and painting.

  • Hokusai continued working almost until the end, painting The Dragon of Smoke Escaping from Mt Fuji and in early 1849.

  • His father never made Hokusai an heir, so it is possible that his mother was a concubine.

  • By the way, children often appear in shunga, they fool around and interfere with sex.

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Elaborate dressing revealing nothing but the center of the action was their way of presentation.

  • Hokusai: Genius of the Japanese Ukiyo-e.

  • New York: George Braziller, Inc.

  • The feat was recounted in a popular song and he received the name " Darusen " or "Daruma Master" Although the original was destroyed in 1945, Hokusai's promotional handbills from that time survived and are preserved at the.

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