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Matador (film)

Later that day, Ángel rapes his neighbour Eva Eva Cobo , who is also Diego's girlfriend.

  • His girlfriend shares these violent tendencies, and the two inadvertently pull one of his bullfighting students into their sadistic love affair.

  • As in his other films, Almodovar provides links between eroticism and violence, ecstasy and death.

  • When María leaves, Eva tells Diego he has to take her back since she knows everything.

Matador Video Series

These acts included simulating lesbian masturbation, dripping hot wax on herself, and removing her clothes with a very real sword.

  • Protagonist Adele is a teenage girl who is just reaching the point of her life where sex is becoming a reality for her.

  • So it perhaps comes as little surprise when a woman claiming to be his long-lost sister appears in his life and the two run off together in a whirlwind romance.

  • Films exploring taboo subjects have existed for nearly as long as the genre of film has existed.