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Swing seks Swinger: 18940

The 12 Best Sex Swings & Why They're Great, According to Experts

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Wild Side Sex Swing

This is where the majority of the human body weight will be concentrated.

  • And what do bedroom acrobatics lead to? Finally, if you go for a stand, you need to know they take quite a bit of space.

  • All of the individual supporting straps require some way to adjust them as well, and then keep that adjustment in place without slipping.

  • Sex swing safety starts with the process of setting up.

The 12 Best Sex Swings & Why They're Great, According to Experts

I started by slowly lowering my body back first onto the platform and then had my boyfriend help get my legs and arms around the straps.

  • The ultimate accessory for sexual acrobatics, it comes with padded straps to provide support in a variety of positions.

  • Notably, the back and butt straps provide a comfortable space for the receiving partner with a colorful silver lining to match.

  • Let us show you how to get the most out of your sex swing with our simple guides and accessory options.