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Slano badoo Slano

Bridgeclublavaur agencija za upoznavanje ukrajina

We are sure that you will be astonished by this pearl, first one in the stream of unique holiday resorts and villages that stretch from the foot of Peljesac peninsula all the way to the city walls of the ancient town of Dubrovnik, thus forming the unique and ever-inviting Dubrovnik Riviera.

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  • The beautiful seafront in Slano, near Dubrovnik, is a great choice for those who prefer less crowds than in Dubrovnik.

  • S drugim muškarcem sam bila na spoju u kinu kada sam čula da neka žena viče.

Bridgeclublavaur agencija za upoznavanje ukrajina

Slano and its surroundings have been inhabited since the prehistoric times to which testify the numerous castle remains forts, walls on the nearby hills , and ancient times roman castrum on the Gradina hill; early Christian sarcophagus, placed in front of the Franciscan church.

  • Our game is full of hearts and love.

  • Also a great view on the city of Dubrovnik, including the old town.

  • MIXTIO je Hrvatsko-Ukrajinska agencija koja Vam pomaže da pronajđite djevojku i ženu Vaših snova iz Ukrajine.