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Miraculous Ladybug

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Miraculous Season 4 Episode 1 "Truth"

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English chat dub blanc Will there

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Sentibubbler English Dub : miraculousladybug

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  • Ladybug asks what happened but Bunnyx only tells her to capture the and restore order.

  • She lectures Ladybug that avoiding interference with time is standard procedure, but the situation is desperate as their very future is at risk; as she says this, Bunnyx's right arm begins to glitch and fade.

Magjikƫt: Aventurat e Nusepashkƫs dhe MaƧokut tƫ zi

This in turn plays out with Fu losing his memory, passing his position as the Guardian to Marinette, and leaving Paris with his old love,.

  • Ladybug looks around and sees many points in the past and future, so Bunnyx puts a bowl over her head to prevent her from seeing anything.

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  • Marinette had fallen asleep a few hours after they'd gone to bed.