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The generator next to a shed on the Colt incest property at a remote campsite in southern New South Wales, where tri-generational incest was found.

  • And I felt too uncomfortable to ask him to stop or slow down even though it hurt and I think he would have stopped.

  • In this case, it was a : Asha recognized her brother, even if the reverse wasn't true.

  • My entire physical and emotional being screamed for someone to recognize that something was deeply hurting me.


Someone else points out that the brother and sister involved had different fathers and mothers and so would normally be cousins.

  • And hopefully their work with Social Services will address those things.

  • There are hints, throughout the scenes involving the two of them together, that their relationship is a bit more than just brother and sister, but it's not stated explicitly until well after Malva is dead.

  • Now that I am well into recovery, issues remain but my past no longer haunts me.

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