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Marina Abramović

Abramović was raised by her grandparents until she was six years old.

  • We make all the efforts to keep our Waxing SPA in the highest standards of cleanliness.

  • During the 1950s the two singers were involved in a public spat, after Tebaldi said: 'I have one thing that Callas doesn't have: a heart.

  • Not the Devil In Africa in the 16th century, at the time of European colonization, Exu was mistakenly syncretized with the Christian devil by the colonizers, due to his irreverent, playful style and the way he is represented in African worship.

Russian MFA made an "erotic and defiant" video to celebrate a strawberry harvest season

Because of the financing difficulties it took three years until the flying machine project started taking shape.

  • If you belong to the Raffa clan nobody would expect you to say anything on the contrary.

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  • Sharapova has represented Russia in Fed Cup, although her appearances have been controversial.