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Originally the cover was designed for a single called Purgatory so Riggs opted for a heaven and hell design, which the band liked so much that they used it for the album.

  • Revisiting Past Graduates of The Door Interview, Part 5".

  • It was created by artist Peter Saville, who previously designed a lot of posters for the Factory, the legendary club in Manchester.

  • Division" printed in a font.

Ohio Players

While the lightning bolt and downcast gaze are what's most remembered, those odd little details of the teardrops pooling in his collarbone and blasted-white chest area add just that additional bit of weirdness to what would soon become known as de facto Bowie.

  • The cover was a perfect representation of the band's sound: an eclectic and colourful cut 'n' paste collage of various influences thrown together but somehow creating something brilliant, exciting and cool.

  • We stated that an album cover should give you a crystal clear idea of what the music sounds like inside.

  • It was intended to be the cover art of the song when the name was "Theraflu".