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My main issue with the game - and it's an issue with me as much as with Sports Interactive's design - is that I can't tell what's a match engine problem, what's my own anecdotal bias, and what's a tactical problem I need to resolve.

  • You have contracted gonorrhoea Can I say that? Which seems like a wasted opportunity, but then their logo is of a winged horse.

  • If you haven't tried resetting the game, please do so.

  • You only need to look at stats for real players like Messi to see how, as soon as the FM engine takes over, the number of goals they get drops by a third.

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I know a lot of you will be keen to avenge what happened when we last played this team, go out there and express yourselves.

  • I've only had slightly more success with Rooney, by dropping him in that F9 role.

  • Furthermore, such online football manager games are often too difficult to master, so much that they discourage players.

  • This has all helped to shape an ambitious overhaul that brings together new forms of communication and significant changes to the existing interaction systems.