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Only the organizer and panelists in a webinar have chat, if you are an attendee you can post comments in the Questions pane of your control panel.

  • If you are interested in a 14-day free trial of GoToMeeting,.

  • It will then bring you to a window to set up your audio preferences.

  • This video demonstrates how to create breakout rooms, assign people to rooms, use chat options, use the Assistance notifications, and how to move an attendee from one breakout room to another.

12 Gotomeeting Advantages and Disadvantages

If you'd like to learn more about GoTo's products, please visit support.

  • They have also built in an Outlook plugin that allows you to schedule and attend meetings through your Outlook calendar.

  • In order to log in, a system admin needs to have created a user profile for you in admin.

  • Hardware Bundles GoToMeeting gives you all of the hardware you need for hosting high-quality meetings.