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Kulir goli otok Goli Otok

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Why did the camp in Goli Otok come into the existence?

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Kulir goli otok Goli Otok

Goli Otok: Yugoslavia’s ‘Barren Island’ Camp for Stalinists

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Povijesni kontekst nastanka logora na Golom otoku

Kulir goli otok Goli otok

Otok Goli (Goli Otok) Map, Weather and Photos

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Goli Otok: Hell in the Adriatic

Or in peeling useless sinks, with no water to cool the thirst brought on by the scorching sun.

  • Croatia County Demographics Population 0 Goli Otok pronounced ; lit.

  • Some people were sent to the camp simply because they had private disputes with influential Yugoslav officials or were victims of the struggle for power within the League of Communists for state positions, he added.

  • These developments in the country, that is, the confusion sown among the Yugoslav communists by the Resolution of the Cominform, as well as increasingly open hostility from the communist states of Eastern Europe were taken by the Yugoslav authorities as a warning and incentive to act.

Goli Otok

So, as our skipper chugged off in the little boat back to Lopar presumably , we were left alone on the island, just the two of us.

  • So the first prisoners were genuine or merely alleged Stalinists and pro-Soviet communists, but also anti-communists.

  • In the summer the sun dries everything, in the winter the wind freezes what remains.

  • Na njemu se nalazi 16.

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